Tom Wald
4016 Maplewood Avenue
Austin, Texas 78722

Web Work Samples

Below you will find links to some samples of my web work.
To view my resume, go to


Journalism Online Tool (JOT)

This is an online journalism tool that recreates the functions within a traditional newsroom. It was made for the College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin. The creation of this tool utilized my skills in:

Options for viewing JOT:

  1. View current production version at IDG website (no public access to newsroom functions, only publication output):
    JOT at IDG.
  2. Use interactive version on this website (obtain username/password from
    JOT on

Internship HTML Forms

These are HTML forms that use Javascript and PHP. These forms are further representative samples of my work at the University of Texas at Austin. The original forms used additional authentication and functionality which has been removed to allow public use here. Feel free to enter and submit data.

Other samples are available upon request.